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Emergency Info

Emergencies and accidents can occur at any time, that is why we must be informed and go to someone who can immediately take to earn a bit of time in an emergency.

In Puerto Vallarta we have the equipment for different emergencies and trained personnel to assist at all times.

These data are presented only in an informative manner as our desire is that the most of your stay, feel secure and happy to be in the Mexican Paradise.

Fire Department (322) 223-9476
(322) 223-9478
Red Cross Emergency 065
Red Cross (ambulance) 066
(322) 222-1533
(322) 222-4973
Emergency Mexico City 060
Police Department and Traffic Officer (322) 290-0512
(322) 290-0513
(322) 290-0507
Civil Protection Officer (322) 224-7701
Traffic Officer (322) 226-8082