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FBO Private Aviation


The Puerto Vallarta International Airport has Executive Jets service provided by an external company called GAP Aerotron.

Aerotron is located within the premises of the airport itself, offering a variety of services including: a 3,000 square foot hangar and a ramp recently expanded and built with quality and technology with an area of 60,000 square feet and Gas trucks aircraft and Jet A.

The base of operations has a VIP room and areas for the crew, as well as hiring of hotels, rest rooms, etc.

It also provides assistance to passengers:

  •  Parking and transport in high-end vehicles
  •  Catering customized to the preferences of our customers.
  •  Assistance for aircraft landing and takeoff: landing and take-off permits, aircraft cleaning, etc.
  •  Aerotron has charter flights and air shipments renowned tourist places like San Sebastian ventured colonial mining town in the mountains and Tequila, Jalisco, a town that is to Mexico what champagne to France.